State to Replace LOIS Manufactured Home Records System On Feb 1, 2017

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Escrow/Title Companies and Manufactured Home Dealers:


The Oregon Building Codes Division (BCD) is moving toward launching a new online Manufactured Home Ownership Documents System (MHODS) with a projected "go-live" date of Feb. 1, 2017. 


MHODS Online


The MHODS system will replace the state's current LOIS Manufactured Records System. While the systems have similar features, there are some differences. 


  •       To use MHODS, individuals will need to provide a username, password, and contact information to establish an online account. After registration, users can complete applications and upload documents required for an ownership transaction. Note: Each registered user must have a different email address in MHODS, so businesses cannot have multiple individuals associated with the same email address.


  •       All transactions in MHODS will require prior county approval. Before getting a trip permit or ownership document, users must submit a county notification and certification document signed by the appropriate county certifying that there are no outstanding taxes or other issues. These forms will be available on BCD’s website at in mid January.


  •       When submitting documents online to MHODS, all fees must be paid by credit card.


Businesses that have historically used the billing option in LOIS, going forward, will either need to pay online with a credit card or submit documents and fees to BCD or the appropriate county for processing. Note: In early February (because we anticipate that the LOIS system will not be accessible), the division will email invoices for the month of January to users with billing accounts; the invoices will include January transaction fees and any additional outstanding fees due to BCD. 


  •      Users who want to pay fees by check can print applications from the BCD website at and submit them via the U.S. mail or in person at a division office in Salem, Pendleton, or Coos Bay, or at a participating county office.


  •      BCD will provide online previewing of MHODS and training opportunities in mid to late January. We will send an email in January with more information.



Public records and reports


Everyone will have the ability to search records in MHODS by home identification number, HUD number, serial number, license plate number, owner name, site address, zip code and map tax lot. In addition, users will have the ability to generate data reports.


Trip permits


Transporters will need to submit a trip permit application and the appropriate county notification form prior to purchasing a permit online. The permit can then be printed from the MHODS system.


Additional information


A few other items regarding MHODS:


  •    Unlike the LOIS system, manufacturers will no longer enter information about new homes in MHODS. New homes will enter the system when dealers and sellers apply to sell and transport the new home. Manufacturers, however, will continue to provide lenders and dealers with a Certificate of Origin for a new home. 


  •   There is no option in MHODS for a business to place a “hold” on a home (until a lender or dealer is paid, for example).


You will receive more information in January via email regarding these upcoming changes. Should the launch date for MHODS be delayed or changed, we will notify you as soon as possible.


In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me should you have questions or concerns.


Celina Patterson
ePermitting Manager
503-373-0855 or 1-800-442-7457 (toll free in Oregon only)

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