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Phil Querin Q&A

Question:  Can you evict for no cause in an RV park on a month-to-month rental agreement?    
  Question:  We have sub-metered water and are sending tenants monthly water bills. May I charge them a late fee for failure to pay the bill on time? If so, how do I go about notifying them?    

Mark Busch Q&A

Question:  We have a couple living in a nice RV in our park on a month-to-month rental agreement.  They have been here for about two years, are retired, and have never had trouble paying the rent.  To make a long story short, we…
Question: Do the state and federal eviction moratoriums apply to RV tenants?  What about short-term guests who are not technically “tenants?”  

Property Management

In today’s highly competitive rental market, effective advertising is crucial to attracting the right renters. But for these very same reasons, your advertising and marketing practices can get you into fair housing hot water. The advertising media you select…
Question:  Your community allows residents to reserve the common room for parties and other social activities, including Christmas and Hanukkah celebrations. A resident asks if he can reserve the room to host a pagan celebration to mark the winter…

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Community Updates

December 22, 2021
MHCO Forms for Non Payment of Rent Evictions/Rental Assistance - Effective December 15, 2021 are attached ABOVE.
December 21, 2021
On December 13, 2021, the Oregon Legislature passed SB891 which made significant changes to the non payment of rent eviction process in Oregon.  A revised flow chart of the process is attached…
December 20, 2021
On December 13, 2021, the Oregon Legislature passed significant changes (SB891) to the process of non payment of rent.  MHCO requested attorney Phil Querin to do a complete analysis of the…
October 2, 2021
With autumn comes changes to the rent increase formula as dictated by Oregon's state wide rent control statute.  On October 1, 2021, MHCO revised Form 49 (Rent Increase Notice) in order to be in…
June 18, 2020
  The Justice Department announced that the owners and property managers of a 15-unit apartment community have agreed to pay $40,000 to settle allegations that they failed to stop disability-…

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