Manufactured Housing Communities of Oregon (MHCO) is the largest organization in Oregon representing owners of manufactured housing communities. MHCO provides its members a wide variety of information vital to the successful operation of a manufactured home community: from Fair Housing issues to the latest developments in the Oregon Legislature that directly impact your ability to operate your community in Oregon. MHCO is also the community owner's watchdog and advocate in the Oregon Legislature. Membership Benefits

Phil Querin Q&A

July 1, 2018
  Question. We have an applicant applying for residency that has an Oregon Medical Marijuana Card, He has requested that he grow marijuana for his use and is asking for a reasonable accommodation to grow since our rules do not allow pot to be...

Mark Busch Q&A

June 25, 2018
  A recent Clackamas County trial judge’s opinion highlights a problem that landlords face when trying to establish reasonable – and enforceable – limits on the number of overnights that guests may spend at a tenant’s home.    

Property Management

May 15, 2018
    Sounds pretty simple if there are just 10 things to advise Landlords about with regard to fair housing law. Unfortunately there are more than just the 10 items listed in this article. However, these 10 are an excellent start, and knowing...

Community Updates

May 30, 2018

This article is not intended as legal advice for any specific issue that might arise, since every situation is different. Always consult...

May 24, 2018

Calling today a great day for America, American workers, and small businesses, President Trump signed into law S. 2155, the “Economic...

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