Phil Querin Q&A

May 15, 2019
Two Questions: Question A:  We have a Tenant who has refused to fix the water leaks within their mobile home. The park owner pays for the water and there have been significant cost increases due to the leaks.  The Lease is the MHCO Lease...

Mark Busch Q&A

April 28, 2019
  Question:  One of the residents in our RV park is ALWAYS late with the rent.  The rent is paid every month, but it is always late. We know RVs aren’t covered by the “three strikes” rent nonpayment law that applies to...

Property Management

May 20, 2019
Today, the Coach takes a close look at three hot button fair housing issues that have been generating a lot of activity in the courts and federal enforcement agencies.

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Community Updates

May 22, 2019
By:  Dale Strom This is the sixth and final part of a series of a private owner of a Manufactured Home Community willingly attempting to sell that Community to an...
May 14, 2019
Just over a year ago a story broke on the Sunday front page of 'The Eugene Register Guard' about several elderly residents in a Eugene park who claimed to...
May 7, 2019
By: Mark Weiner       CFO, Monolith Properties        E-mail:  mark@monlithparks.com.        Phone...