Required Provisions of a Rental/Lease Agreement

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The required provisions of a rental/lease agreement are covered in ORS 90.510(5). These requirements include:

  1. Location and approximate size of the space.
  2. Federal Fair Housing age classification.
  3. Monthly rent.
  4. All personal property, services and facilities to be provided by the landlord
  5. All deposits (refundable and non-refundable), fees and installation charges including government fees.
  6. Improvements the tenant may or must make to the space or unit including plant material and landscaping.
  7. Provisions for dealing with improvements to the space.
  8. Any conditions the landlord applies in approving a purchaser of a manufactured dwelling or floating home as a tenant in the event the tenant elects to sell the home. This should be identical to the community's screening criteria.
  9. Term of tenancy.
  10. Processes for change to rules and regulations.
  11. The process by which notices shall be given by either landlord or tenant

All of these provisions are included in the MHCO Rental/Lease Agreement

(MHCO Form 5A and 5B)