Phil Querin Analysis - Senate Bill 970-A Summarized: Evaluation of Applicant, Unreasonable Condition of Tenancy/Occupancy, Subleasing Agreements, Cause of Action

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Just over a year ago a story broke on the Sunday front page of 'The Eugene Register Guard' about several elderly residents in a Eugene park who claimed to have been swindled by one or more persons affiliated with the park management.  The community became the topic of discussion in legislative circles and the landlord-tenant coalition.  Several legislative proposals were drafted for the 2019 Oregon Legislative Session.  Legislative hearings were held last summer and into the autumn on the issue as the legislature geared up for action.  MHCO spent a considerable amount of time opposing the proposed legislation - testifying in opposition in the summer and autumn of 2018.  The resulting legislation - SB 970A - is less draconian because of MHCO's efforts.  However, just to be absolutely clear - MHCO remains in opposition.

Attached (above) is Phil Querin's analysis of the legislation (soon to become law) and how it will impact community owners.  MHCO is in the process of making necessary changes to  the appropriate forms.   Unlike the earlier rent control bill - this legislative will not be effective until later this year.  

Also attached (above) is the article Phil Querin did from last year on 'how not to conduct a consignment sale' that was in effect a response to the news story.  That article remains as true today as it was a year ago when we first published the article.  

In the end these two articles by Phil Querin are a good civics lesson on how bad actions by a small group can result in legislation that impacts everyone.  



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