Oregon Legislative Update - Week 2 of the 2016 Session

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Good morning!  We are now on day 7 of the 2016 Oregon Legislative Session – 28 days left.


MHCO has been monitoring several bills.  The most significant is HB 4143, now referred to as the “renter protection bill”.  This bill is the legislature’s response to the Portland housing crisis that has been the focus of the media over the past 6 months.


For the most part this bill does not impact manufactured home communities.  MHCO has worked to include an amendment that would exempt RV’s from the proposed legislation. We expect that the amendment will be accepted by the Legislature and RV’s will be exempt from the new laws.  If the dash 7 amendment is adopted the only impact on manufactured home communities will be on landlords who own homes in their community.  If you own a home in a MHC and rent it out the “no cause” notice increases from 60 days to 90 days.


However, if you own apartments there are significant changes –


  • 90 day rent increase notice
  • 90 “no cause” notice of termination notice
  • No rent increase during the first year of tenancy
  • Requirements for landlords to pay relocation costs of tenant has been deleted.



Thursday is the last day for HB 4143 to move out of the House Committee to the House Floor for a vote.  A work session has been scheduled for Wednesday.


We are anxiously awaiting amendments to HB 4001 on “inclusionary zoning”.  As mentioned in last week’s “Legislative Update”, MHCO is concerned that the Legislature could tinker with the rent control pre-emption in ORS 91.225 as they eliminate the pre-emption for “inclusionary zoning”.   If rent control is going to be an issue this session the only bill left would be in this legislative proposal. 


There are several bills (HB 4079) addressing expansion of the urban grown boundary in order to accommodate affordable housing - including manufactured home communities. It is not clear if these bills will make the first cut Thursday or have to wait until the 2017 Oregon Legislative Session and be reintroduced.


Although MHCO is opposed to the legislation being pushed on apartments, we are so far very pleased that manufactured housing has not been the focus of the Legislature’s drives to provide greater rights to residents. Legislators seem to have accepted MHCO’s argument that manufactured home communities are not part of the Portland housing crisis – or the state’s housing crisis.  Let’s hope that argument sticks for the remaining 28 days of this session.

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