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We are now well into the second half of the 2017 Oregon Legislative Session.   There finally is some good news – most of the bad legislative proposals that MHCO has been tracking have been defeated.  There are four remaining bills – two that MHCO supports and two that MHCO opposes that are still in play at this point in the legislative session.  The two bills supported by MHCO are the result of significant work and represent compromises that the MHCO worked on in order to keep more detrimental legislation from moving forward.  In a perfect world where the the legislative process is more business friendly these compormises would not have been necessary.  Sadly, that is not the legislative environment we are currently dealing with this session.


HB 2008 – this lengthy bill originally proposed everything MHCO has been fighting against over the past twenty years – from ‘enforcement’ to ‘rent justification’ and much longer timelines notifying residents when the community is to be sold.  All of HB 2008 was deleted and replaced with an amendment that addressed three items:


  1. Increase park closure reimbursements form $5000/$7000/$9000 to $6000/$8000/$10000 for single/double/triple when a community is CLOSED.  Also eliminated a proposal that the community owner pay up to $20,000 in relocation costs per home when the community closes.
  2. Addresses cooperatives (communities owned by residents).   Owner (resident in a cooperative) is not required to remove the home if the cooperative agrees with the owner to waive or extend the deadline by which the buyer or subsequent buyer must remove the home or store the home in the space for a specific period of time.  This only applies to homes in communities owned by the residents.
  3. Upon sale of a manufactured home community the following information will be provided to residents:
    1. The number of vacant spaces and homes in the      community
    2. The final sale price of the community
    3. The date the conveyance became final

HB 2008 passed out of the House Committee on Human Services and Housing on Tuesday, April 18th with a vote 7-2 in favor.

SB 277 – This bill is the landlord-tenant coalition bill that was negotiated over several months by landlord and resident organizations.  This is the result of the controversies this past summer over disrepair and deterioration issues in communities that had received extensive media coverage.  The proposal increases the time residents have to make improvements from 30 to 60 days.

 The legislative proposal also clarifies disrepair and deterioration and addresses “aesthetic” issues which are different from “deterioration” and “disrepair.”  For example, peeling paint is “deterioration” or “disrepair.”  Choice of paint color is aesthetic.  Aesthetic issues that are violate community rules can be waived if not enforced by landlords within the time permitted by law.  The proposed legislation also provides that aesthetic issues can “reset” with new residents so that any waiver by the landlord with regard to aesthetic issues with selling/former tenants do not carry over to the purchasing/new tenant provided the appropriate disclosures. 

SB 277 passed out of the Senate Committee on Human Services with a unanimous vote on April 17th.   On Senate for vote today or tomorrow.


HB 2004 – eliminates ‘no cause’ eviction and eliminates local preemption of rent control.  This bill has passed the House and is waiting for a public hearing and vote in the Senate.  MHCO strongly opposes.

HB 3331 – requires mediation when increasing rent.  This bill has been moved to the House Committee on Rules.   MHCO strongly opposes.

MHCO will provide the necessary forms for these new legislative proposals and in depth analysis later this year both on-line and at the MHCO Annual Conference in Eugene on October 23-24th 2017.

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