MHCO Legislative Update - 5-25-2011 - MHCO Defeats Local Rent Control Legislation

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The long awaited public hearing on HB 3183 - the bill to eliminate local preemption of rent control - was held yesterday morning. About 60-70 MHCO members showed up supporting community owners - the residents had about 10 people and could only muster five people to testify publicly in favor to the legislation. Six people testified on MHCO's behalf with several more waiting in the wings if needed. There were enough community owners to require an overflow hearing room.

Much of the resident testimony was directed at increasing taxes on their homes. One Legislator suggested that the residents direct their complaints to the appropriate government taxing authorities and not community owners. Overall is was a good day for community owners - excellent testimony and information. This was a good opportunity to continue to educate Oregon Legislators. MHCO's panel of six individuals representing a diverse section of the industry did an excellent job.

MHCO confirmed at the end of the day that this legislation is dead and will not move beyond the public hearing. We all know these issues do not go away - look for this issue and may other rent control schemes to come up again in the future. Until the next full legislative session - 2013 - this issue is done.

Thanks to those who testified on behalf of MHCO and those who were in attendance and where prepared to testify: Mike Wells, Gary Griglak, Richard Delaney, Kim Berry, Larry Engelgau, Dale Strom, Peter Schraner, Cory Poole, Robert Danielson and Troy Brost.

Deep appreciation to those took the time to attend the hearing - your presence was noted.

And a final note of thanks to all of you who sent e-mails. Early yesterday morning I was talking to the chief of staff of one of the Legislators on the committee and she commented that she was glad we finally reach the day of the rent control hearing - she was hoping it would be the end of all the rent control e-mails! So thanks to all of you who made your presence known through e-mail. Many thanks!

We are now in the final stretch of the 2011 Legislative Session. We will keep you posted as we head into the final weeks.

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