MHCO Legislative Alert: Oregon Senate Committee Drops Rent Control in Amendment to HB2004A

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This afternoon the Senate Committee on Human Services amended HB2004A with a dash 9 amendment that DOES NOT include rent stabilization, rent control or the elimination of the preemption of local rent control. The dash 9 amendment is attached below and replaces all of the language from the original HB 2004 that was introduced in January 2017. The bill moved this afternoon out of the Senate committee on a party line vote. Some Portland Democratic Senators have expressed their disappointment that the bill contains no rent control. That may ultimately doom the bill but not likely.

MHCO will have Phil Querin review and prepare a full analysis if the legislation passes the Senate and House. With just 6 weeks left in the legislative session time is getting short. MHCO will continute to monitor legislative developments and send updates when necessary.

A copy of the dash 9 amendment is posted at the top of this article.

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