MHCO Announces New Member Benefit - Rental Assistance Program

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The members of MHCO now have the benefit of offering their qualified manufactured home community residents a rent subsidy under the Oregon Mobile Home Rental Assistance Program. This brings the participation of this private rent subsidy program to over 500 Oregon manufactured housing communities. The success of the program speaks for itself. In the three years since its inception, this privately funded program has already helped many qualified low-income manufactured home community residents. 
The subsidy is similar to the government sponsored Section 8 program, for which all needy community residents are also encouraged to apply. However, the waiting list for Section 8 may be years long in some areas. That is where this program fills the void. It provides rent subsidies to qualified very low- income tenants who are on the waiting list for Section 8. The Oregon Rental Assistance Program (Oregon RAP) closely follows the federally funded Section 8 rental assistance program guidelines, using the same very low-income qualification guidelines. 
Who Pays the Rent Subsidy Provided to the Resident? The manufactured home community owner agrees to provide the monthly rent credit to qualified very low-income park residents. Rent is never decreased or reduced. A “rent credit” is given on the rent statement each month. The program guidelines provide that qualified mobile home owners receive a 10% monthly rent subsidy. In rare cases, the park owner may opt to provide more than 10% where a resident is in particular need. All applications and approvals are completely confidential. The resident signs an agreement to keep the subsidy confidential and to advise the program of any changes in their status. 
What Does it Cost Park Owners to Participate in the Program? Every MHCO member is able to participate in this program as a member benefit. The only nominal costs are the approved maximum 10% monthly rent subsidies. The program is limited to a maximum of 10% of the residents in your park. When an application is processed there is a $65 processing fee charged to the community owner. 
MHCO is excited to offer members this program and provide an important privately operated option that helps preserve a critical piece of Oregon's affordable housing mix. The success of the program depends on expanding to include more manufactured home communities. PLEASE refer your fellow community owners to the program! 

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