Legislative Update - Tenant Rights Bills Moves Out of Key House Committee

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We are now approaching the halfway point in the 2016 Oregon Legislative Session. We are starting to get a much better sense of what legislative proposals are moving forward and which ones will likely remain in committees and not see the light of day until perhaps the next legislative session in 2017.

The "tenant rights" bill HB 4143A passed out of the Oregon House Rules Committee late yesterday afternoon with the "dash 14A" amendment which addressed MHCO's last issue - the extension to 90 days for "no cause" evictions. This amendment returns "no cause" evictions to 60 days for tenancies over 1 year. With the adoption of this amendment manufactured home communities in Oregon will face NO SIGNIFICANT CHANGES from this legislative session. There will be no rent control or rent justificiation. The one year limit on rent increases will impact only apartments - NOT manufactured home communities. HB 4143A heads to the House floor for a vote then on to the Senate. MHCO does not expect any "anti-landlord" language to be added as we head over to the Senate chamber.

The other legislation MHCO is watching is SB 1533 the "inclusionary zoning" bill. This bill is up for a public hearing tomorrow in the Senate Committee on Finance and Revenue. Since it is only scheduled for a public hearing the bill will not move out of committee until possibly later this week. Time is starting to run out on this legislative session and there is little room for bills to stall.

This has turned out to be a very successful legislative session for community owners in Oregon. It is the first Oregon legislative session in 20 years to not have any signficant legisaltive changes impacting community owners. We still have a couple weeks to go - but things are looking good. MHCO will keep you up to date as we head into the final weeks of the 2016 Oregon Legislative Session.

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