Phil Querin Q&A: Community Owner Providing Tenant Association Information on Residents

Question. A resident of our community has asked for a list of all the other residents’ names and addresses, so that she can contact them to set up a homeowners association. While I don’t have an objection to the formation of a tenant association, I am concerned that giving out residents’ names and addresses might violate some tenant rights on our part. Can you help?

Phil Querin Q&A: Trees - Liability and Responsibility

Question. Our community is relatively small and the spaces are oversized. Large trees are located on many of them. Occasionally, a resident asks us to thin or top some of the trees on their space, because of fear that during high winds they could break, damaging homes and injuring people. I have been under the impression that tree maintenance is a tenant responsibility under Oregon law. If so, what is our liability if tree limbs – or entire trees - break during bad weather?

MHCO DEFEATS: Rent Control - Mandatory Mediation - Attorney General Enforcement of Landlord-Tenant Law

The 2011 Oregon Legislative Session has now reached the halfway point.  MHCO has been successful in defeating a number of particularly bad pieces of legislation.  We need to stay engaged and vigiliant as the Legislative Session moves to adjournment in late June. 

MHCO Defeated:

MHCO Legislative Update - 5-25-2011 - MHCO Defeats Local Rent Control Legislation

The long awaited public hearing on HB 3183 - the bill to eliminate local preemption of rent control - was held yesterday morning. About 60-70 MHCO members showed up supporting community owners - the residents had about 10 people and could only muster five people to testify publicly in favor to the legislation. Six people testified on MHCO's behalf with several more waiting in the wings if needed. There were enough community owners to require an overflow hearing room.

State of Oregon Question & Answers and FACTS on the SAFE ACT

Why is a mortgage loan originator (“MLO”) license required?

In 2008, the Federal government passed the Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act (SAFE Act) that mandated that states begin licensing mortgage loan originators. The SAFE Act set the minimum licensing requirements that states must comply with in their licensing programs.

When is a MLO license required?