MHCO Article: Fair Housing Laws Apply When Selling or Renting!

Both state and federal law prohibit discrimination in the selling, renting or leasing of real property.  Federal fair housing laws have been in place since 1968.  Federal law makes it illegal to discriminate in the sale, purchase or lease of property on account of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, familial status or handicap and sexual orientation. 



Editor's Note:  As we start the count down to the next full Oregon Legislative Session (2019) one of the biggest issues our industry faces is how to resolve conflict between residents and landlords.  Mediation is one of the answers and one that MHCO strongly encourages ALL owners and managers of manufactured home communities to pursue.  Today MHCO is introducing a new ad promoting mediation along with a long term commitment to providing quality articles and information on mediation.

Andy Carey - How to Value Your Sleep


What is the price of sleeping well?  When considering what a good property management company provides to a park owner, there may be no more important question than that. 


No, I am not referring to the price of the newest, luxury Tempur-pedic mattress and high-loft shredded memory foam pillows.  Although, for the record those may be worth due consideration as well.


Phil Querin Q&A: Repairs Upon Resale


Question:  Can management require of a resident selling their home in the community that the space be removed of all attachments and outbuildings that were added upon initial occupancy? E.g. the removal of all decking, sun rooms etc.?  What kind of notice does the landlord give while the home is up for sale with potential buyers are considering the home with these amenities?  Can the landlord restrict colors for the home and even restrict the size and type of fencing?  How does this all fit into the new law on disrepair and deterioration passed by the legislature in 2017 (SB277)?