MHCO Legislative Report 4-10-19

We crossed a significant threshold this week in the Oregon Legislature with a number of bills going to the legislative graveyard.  MHCO is tracking and working to defeat/pass a number of bills this session.  Rent Control (SB 608) was not the only bill that concerned MHCO this legislative session.  For the latest status on proposed legislation - the good, the bad and the truly horrific - click the the attachment above.

Phil Querin: 10 Question and Answers on Oregon's New Rent Control Law

On February 28, 2019 SB 608 (rent control) was signed into law.  MHCO has received numerous questions regarding the new statute.  We asked MHCO Legal Counsel to review 10 of the most frequent questions and provide answers.  This is the first of many Q&As regarding Oregon's new law.  Click the file (10 Questions and Answers Regarding Oregon's New Rent Control Law) above for the complete question and answer.

If Mobile Home Parks Could Talk: How to recognize, and manage, the stories and stress of residents on the managers



 There is a new documentary on President Carter’s Camp David Accords.  At Camp David, the president brought two warring countries to the negotiation table.  The parties met daily, all day, every day until they reached and signed a peace agreement knows as the “Camp David Accords”.  An interesting ground rule was, no one, not even the three presidents of three countries could leave Camp David until they reached an agreement.  That meant no sight-seeing, restaurant or bar-hopping by the leaders, advisors and staff.  This was decades before iPhones, too. 


MHCO Article: Taking Conflict to Cooperation


It has happened to everyone; you pick up the phone smiling with your cheerful greeting only to have the person on the other end start yelling before you can even get your name out.  Maybe you are out walking your property and a resident confronts you about their annoying neighbor and wants to know “what are you going to do about it? “Or, you are in your office with a prospect when your most demanding resident bursts in demanding to speak with you.  Sound familiar?

Simply put, controlling conflict is part of the job. Residents, Prospects, Vendors, and even other team members can be sources of conflict for us.  Conventional wisdom (and research) says that good communication can improve relationships, increasing trust and support. The converse is also true: poor communication can weaken bonds, creating mistrust and even contempt.


If we know that communication is the key to eliminating, or at least minimizing conflict, why can it be so difficult?  It’s typically because we have a very clear idea of “our side” of the argument.  To solve a problem, it helps to stop for a moment to wonder what the other person us thinking.  Here are some tips: