MHCO Legislative Update 2-14-19

We are now wrapping up week 3 of the 2019 Oregon Legislative Session.  A lot of new legislative proposals have been submitted making this one of the most active legislative sessions in recent memory.  The Senate this week passed the most sweeping changes to Oregon Landlord-Tenant law in three decades with the passage of SB 608.  The next step for rent control is a public hearing in the Oregon House on Monday, Feb 18th at 1 pm.  There are many other legislative proposals swirling around the Oregon Capital.

Phil Querin Q&A: Air Conditioners

Question:  We have been informed by the State that it is illegal to have air conditioners in the windows of a home in our community.  We are concerned that many residents in the community are unable to put a unit in a window that is not visible from the street or neighbors.  Many of our residents are senior citizens that cannot afford to replace window units with portable inside units.  As management can we allow air conditioning units in the window?  Is there a state law governing this?



Legislative Update: Pre Session Filed Legislative Proposals 1-10-19

Attached is a copy legislation impacting manufactured home communities.  Many of these legislative concepts we have seen before in past sessions.  Of specific interest is SB 586 which is the coalition bill.  This bill will be completely revised in February.  The other priority bill is the rent control bill - SB 608.  MHCO will be monitoring all the bills listed in the legislative report and additional legislative proposals that will be trickling out between now and the end of February.