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Portland City Council Extend Renter Protection and 'Housing Emergency' Policies

MHCO.ORG Note:  Pressure continues to build to provide more renter rights and legalize some form of rent control or rent justification.  Portland City Council's action this afternoon is yet another precursor of more to come in the Oregon Legislature.  Stay tuned - this issue is not going away anytime soon.

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MHCO Legislative Alert: Oregon Senate Committee Drops Rent Control in Amendment to HB2004A

This afternoon the Senate Committee on Human Services amended HB2004A with a dash 9 amendment that DOES NOT include rent stabilization, rent control or the elimination of the preemption of local rent control. The dash 9 amendment is attached below and replaces all of the language from the original HB 2004 that was introduced in January 2017. The bill moved this afternoon out of the Senate committee on a party line vote. Some Portland Democratic Senators have expressed their disappointment that the bill contains no rent control. That may ultimately doom the bill but not likely.

Mark Busch: Portland Doubles Down Against Landlords

The City of Portland upped its economic attack on the city’s landlords last week by passing a “tenant relocation assistance” ordinance. The ordinance requires landlords in the City of Portland to pay relocation expenses to tenants evicted for no-cause, or tenants forced to relocate if a landlord raises rent 10% or more within a 12-month period. This is on top of a city ordinance passed in 2015 requiring 90-day rent increase notices (which is now also state law) and 90-day no-cause eviction notices.

Mark Busch Q&A - What’s The Quickest Way to Get a Tenant Out of My RV Park?


Question:  I own a decent-sized RV park with quite a few long-term tenants living there, but with also a few seasonal guests and overnighters.  I have one tenant in particular who is constantly abrasive towards other tenants and guests (for example, walking thru the park and telling people that they need to fix their awnings, stack their firewood in a certain way, etc.).  He has no qualms about interjecting himself in other people’s conversations even when his input is clearly unwanted.  I have already lost several tenants and others have complained.  Before this person ruins my good park, how can I get rid of him quickly?