Title Issues

Mobile Homes and Recreational Vehicles: Title Issues


                  The objective of most mobile home and recreational vehicle park owners is to earn money.  However, certain things, when not done diligently, can cost park owners and operators money. Title issues may not seem like a “sexy” issue or concern, but title problems can impact park operations. While parks are not in the business of “monitoring” title, there are at least three scenarios as outlined below that can impede the park’s business if neglected. First, it is important to follow through on the transferring of title of a mobile home sold by a resident or third party to the mobile home park or vice versa. Similarly, the park needs to ensure that title is properly perfected in any sales within the park from an existing resident to a new resident. Finally, with respect to recreational vehicles specifically, it can be actual to obtain title paperwork before allowing such a recreational vehicle to remain in the park for an extended period of time.