Senior Housing Trends

Angel Rogers: Are you ready for the New Reality of Senior Housing?




Ask anyone who works on a Senior Living Community how they like their job and I can almost guarantee that they will tell you they have a love-hate relationship with it.  Most employees will tell you that they love working with seniors; that they are a nice group of people, and they have a bond with them that they have never experienced while working on a multi-family community.  They will also tell you of the heartaches and troubles of a senior community; and this is not just the obvious complications of dealing with an aging resident population.  You will hear about the vast disparity between “the new senior” and “the elderly”, the trends seniors are setting, the financial issues many seniors are facing, the troubling issue of increasing mental illness in seniors, and the demands seniors are making on staff.  How does all this affect not only the senior market, but how will it affect the market at large?  How do we stay on top of trends, and how do we assist the employees in this highly specialized market segment?