Disaster Preparedness

Working with Residents’ in Disaster Preparedness

(This is the second in a series of articles on disaster preparedness in manufactured home communities)

For manufactured home communities, emergency management experts recommend putting together a committee of residents, with the following minimum responsibilities:

  • Working with management to develop an evacuation or shelter plan
  • Setting up an emergency notification system for the community
  • Conducting community education programs on disaster readiness
  • Setting up evacuation practice drills
  • Training residents on securing their property before evacuating
  • Maintaining a list of residents with special needs
  • Identifying members of the community with special skills, such as nurses, doctors or others trained in CPR or medical assistance, who could help in an emergency
  • Preparing contact lists for relatives and next of kin



Planning Ahead for Disasters

This is the first in a series of articles on disaster preparedness and how to safeguard your community, save lives and minimize damage

There are three steps in a good disaster plan: planning, prevention and recovery.  Knowing what to do in each step can help you reduce injuries and damage to your community.  This article discusses the planning segment of disaster preparedness.