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If Mobile Home Parks Could Talk: How to recognize, and manage, the stories and stress of residents on the managers

There is a new documentary on President Carter's Camp David Accords. At Camp David, the president brought two warring countries to the negotiation table. The parties met daily, all day, every day until they reached and signed a peace agreement knows as the "Camp David Accords". An interesting ground rule was, no one, not even the three presidents of three countries could leave Camp David until they reached an agreement. That meant no sight-seeing, restaurant or bar-hopping by the leaders, advisors and staff. This was decades before iPhones, too.

Community Management and Positive Community Relations

A manufactured home community manager's job today is much more than collecting rents and maintaining a community. Working to maintain the good will of the residents is equally important. This is not so much an extra task as it is a matter of style dependent upon how you conduct yourself as you manage the business of the community. You are the leader in the community. The ability to see yourself as others see you will do a lot to make your job easier.

The Ten Worst Mistakes to Avoid in Community Management

A well management community is essential to making life easier and more pleasant for management and residents.  Here are 10 mistakes to avoid in the management of your community.  Remember - a well managed community - good property management - results in happier residents, pride in the community, encourages resident referrals and discourages the need or desire for additional landlord-tenant legislation.

So - here are ten mistakes to avoid:


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