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Phil Querin Q&A: 55 and Older Community Problems


Question. We are a 55+ community. One of our residents has a lot of family coming in and leaving from early morning until late at night. This resident also has two Temporary Occupants living with her, one of her daughters and her husband. The resident also has a granddaughter with three children that are brought to the house on a daily basis by her and one of the Temporary Occupants. It has been brought to my attention recently that the children are basically living there and staying over at least 5 nights a week. (The two older kids are school age and come to the space after school, but the youngest child is there all the time.) I am told by another family member the mother of these children is homeless and goes and stays with someone else at night, but does not take the children with her.

My question is because we are a 55+ community what can I do, if anything, to stop them from babysitting the children at the residents which is causing a disturbance to the neighbors’ peaceful enjoyment of the community? I have received written complaints from some of the neighbors stating that the comings and goings is disturbing them. Because these children do not meet our age requirement to live here, what steps can I take to stop the daily babysitting and staying the night? One of the neighbors recently told me she is going to put her home on the market for sale because of this issue.”


Phil Querin Q and A - Resident Demands to Plant Marijuana in Space For Medical Marijuana Business

Question: A resident whose business is a medical marijuana store in town has informed the manager that she plans on growing marijuana plants on the space. She has not indicated if this is for sale, medical, or her own use. The community has not updated their rules to implement a No Marijuana policy, but they do say that there are to be no businesses in the park. The rental agreement is several years old so it is mute on the issue of marijuana.  What should the manager do? What are the landlord's rights?