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Phil Querin Q&A: Electric Vehicle Charging Stations - Community Responsibility

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Question: What can you tell me about ORS 94.762 requiring landlords to install the infrastructure for Electric Vehicle charging stations in manufactured housing communities, RV parks and floating home communities?  Is the impact and responsibility of the landlord the same in each of those housing options?


Answer:  This law has been around for several years, although it is my first opportunity to review it. This statute does not apply to manufactured housing communities, RV parks or  floating home communities. Rather, it applies to “planned communities.”


These are housing communities regulated under ORS 94.565, et seq. Essentially, they are akin to residential subdivisions that have a homeowner’s association form of governance, common areas, and periodic assessments or dues. All the homeowners own their homes and the lots they are sited on. This statute allows homeowners to install charging stations on their own property, subject to certain regulations by the HOA.


So, the short answer to your question is that since manufactured housing communities, RV parks and marinas are not planned communities because the residents do not own the underlying land, ORS 94.565 does not apply. However, it is conceivable that a park or marina might install charging stations on its common area for resident usage.