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Phil Querin Q&A: 3 Strikes, 30 Days and 20 Day Eviction Notices

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Phil Querin

Question:  I am confused on the use of rules violation notices.  Do I use a 20-day notice or 30-day notice?  Does the “three strikes law” apply?





Answer:  It’s easy to get confused. There is a lot to remember.  Generally all of the answers are contained in ORS 90.630[Termination by landlord; causes; notice; cure; repeated nonpayment of rent].[1]Here is a short summary:


· The landlord may terminate a rental agreement that is a month-to-month or fixed term tenancy in a manufactured housing community by giving not less than 30 days’ noticein writing before the date designated in the notice for termination if the tenant:

  • Violates a law or ordinance related to the tenant’s conduct as a tenant, including but not limited to a material noncompliance with ORS 90.740[Tenant Obligations];
  • Violates a rule or rental agreement provision;
  • Is determined to be a predatory sex offender under ORS 181.585 to 181.587; or
  • Fails to pay a (i) a late charge pursuant to ORS 90.260; (ii) A fee pursuant to ORS 90.302; or (iii) a utility or service charge pursuant to ORS 90.534or 90.536.

· The tenant may avoid termination of the tenancy by correcting the violation within the 30-day period specified in notice of violation. However, if substantially the same act or omission recurs within six months after the date of the notice, the landlord may terminate the tenancy upon at least 20 days’ written noticespecifying the violation and the date of termination of the tenancy.  In such cases, the tenant does nothave a right to correct the violation – and the notice must so state

· Oregon’s “three strikes” law only applies to cases in which the tenant is issued three 72-hour [or 144-hour] notices within a 12-month period.  [Caveat: All three notices must have been validly prepared and delivered or served. – PCQ]The “three strikes” law is found at ORS 90.630(8)-(10).As noted above, multiple violations of the same or similar rule within six months can result in the landlord’s issuance of a non-curable 20-day notice to the tenant.


[1]Note:  A violation arising from a tenant’s failure to maintain the physical condition of the exterior of the home [e.g. through damage or deterioration] is notsubject to ORS 90.630. Rather, ORS 90.632applies.