Mark Busch Q&A - Unauthorized RV Occupants

Question: We have a couple of situations with unauthorized RV occupants in our park. The first is an RV tenant who has moved in a person who we consider to be a nuisance -- she has been yelling at other residents. The second situation is a nice lady who has moved in a boyfriend -- he seems okay but still hasn't been approved. In both cases, they have ignored our requests to fill out a rental application. We use MHCO Form 80 (RV Space Rental Agreement). Is there anything in that agreement that allows us to do something about these situations?

Mark Busch Q&A - RV Abandonment

Abandoned RVs

Question: A mobile home park has a separate RV section. One long-time RV resident recently moved out because of illness, but left behind his RV, which is old and in poor condition. Does the park need to file an eviction action to clear out the space for a new tenant? What can the park do with the RV itself?

Mark Busch Q&A: What's New In RV Law?

On July 26, 1990, President Bush signed into law the Americans with Disabilities Act ("ADA"), The Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (the "1991 Regulations") were shortly thereafter developed to guide new construction and alterations undertaken by covered entities and established the minimum requirements for "accessibility" for disabled persons in buildings and facilities and in transportation vehicles. After more than twenty years, the Department of Justice implemented new regulations, which became mandatory in 2012 (the "2012 Regulations.") Your state may have passed parallel laws, which could increase the protection of individuals with disabilities, e.g., the Unruh Act in California. However, this article focuses on Federal ADA compliance. Keep in mind that the ADA is a civil rights law, which addresses a number of subjects, but this article focuses on ac- cessibility (no longer called "handicap") issues only.

Mark Busch Q&A: RVs: Clean It Up!

We have been on a quest to improve the appearance of our mobile home park. We've done a good job on the mobile homes, but now we're going to focus on the RVs. One of our long-time RV tenants has a dilapidated old travel trailer that is getting worse every year. Another newer RV resident has a decent 5th wheel, but leaves his work tools, wood scraps and other debris all over his space despite several warnings. Do we have to give the long-time tenant the same kind of 30-day notice as mobile home tenants giving him 30 days to repair his trailer (along with the possible extension periods)? What kind of notice should we give the newer RV tenant?

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