Mark Busch Q&A: Can I Close That Bathroom?

Question: There is a public restroom in the middle of our mobile home park's RV section that is used primarily by RV tenants. Some use it and some don't. The problem is that it is vandalized on a regular basis and has become more trouble than it is worth. Can we close it? What about the adjacent laundry room? It's not as much of a problem, but we'd still like to just get rid of the whole facility.

Mark Busch Q&A: Discrimination Claims by RV Tenants

Question: A manufactured home community has an RV section. Community management is aware that the Federal Fair Housing laws apply to manufactured home community tenants and that the community cannot discriminate against protected groups when renting manufactured home spaces. Do the same laws apply to RV tenants? Does it matter if they are short-term vacation occupancy RVs as opposed to longer term space rental RVs?

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