COVID-19 Crisis

Phil Querin Article: MHCO Eviction Moratorium Update May 2021 – After SB 282 - Post Covid-19 Landlord-Tenant Law Effective July 1, 2021


MHCO NOTE:  This is the first of several articles that MHCO will be publishing on changes in Oregon statute resulting from the 2021 Oregon Legislative Session.  Forms will also be updated or created as necessary as we head into the summer.

[NOTE: Except where explicitly stated otherwise, MHCO’s prior guidance on HB 4401 still applies until July 1, 2021.]


New Landlord Tenant Laws for 2021 - New Forms- Extension of Non Payment of Rent Moratorium - Summary of House  Bill 4401

In December 2020 the Oregon Legislature made significant changes to the moratorium on non payment of rent evictions extending the ban to July 1, 2021. There changes that community owners and managers must comply. This article includes five new or revised forms for dealing with non payment of rent evictions during the COVID crisis.
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