Fair Housing

Headline #3: Owners Pay $40K to Settle Claims that Neighbors Harassed Resident’s Disabled Daughter


The Justice Department announced that the owners and property managers of a 15-unit apartment community have agreed to pay $40,000 to settle allegations that they failed to stop disability-related harassment of a resident’s daughter by neighbors and then refused to renew their lease because of her disability and that of her daughter.

Behind the Headlines: Lessons Learned from four Fair Housing Settlements - First of Four Articles

Behind the Headlines: Lessons Learned from the Latest Fair Housing News

This is the first of four articles that MHCO spotlights settlements reached in fair housing cases. The amounts reportedly paid are sometimes staggering—which is news in and of itself—and show just how much it can cost to resolve fair housing complaints. But the real news is in the backstory, the events that led to a complaint against the community.

What You Should Know About Fair Housing Testing

Fair Housing Testing - a tool used by enforcement officials and private fair housing organizations to ferret out unlawful housing discrimination. 

Fair housing testing involves paired testers—individuals with similar credentials but of different protected classes—who may contact your community by email, phone, your website, or by a site visit to check for differences in how they’re treated based on their race, national origin, or any other characteristics protected under federal, state, or local law.

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