Disaster Prevention

Disaster Preparedness: Hazardous Materials (4th of 8 articles)

This is the fourth of eight articles on disaster preparedness  and how  to  safeguard your community, save lives and minimize damage.

Hazardous materials are anything that can be a risk to life, health or property.  They can be chemical, biological or physical.  Some are intended for one safe use, but can be dangerous if used another way.  Gasoline, for example, when used in a car is relatively safe, but if it’s spilled on the ground or gets into drinking water it can be dangerous.  

Disaster Preparedness: Developing Evacuation or Shelter Plans (Part 3 in a series)

This is the third in a series of articles on disaster preparedness and how to safeguard your community, save lives and minimize damage.


Some disasters, like hurricanes and floods, allow you to take action ahead of time to save lives and property.  Others, like tornadoes, earthquakes, and flash floods, need more immediate action. You should have plans for both.

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