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Tenant Screening - Secrets To Getting A Rental Application Processed Fast!

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Reviewing the applicant’s rental application Since 1995 when Orca Information, Inc. first opened its doors for business Nationwide, we found the following: The Landlord who reviews a rental application, making sure it is filled out correctly, all phone numbers are provided, signatures, etc., will receive a quicker turn-around time on the background screening report. This applies to this day. Not only does the applicant's screening report come back faster, the information on that report is also more accurate and thorough. Now, how is that possible? How can an application thoroughly filled out, result in a more thorough background check? The more accurate and thorough the information on the rental application, the more the tenant screening company has to work with - more clues leading to the discovery of the applicant’s identity, past history as a tenant and their behavior in our society. Hands-Off approach I have had a number of property management friends tell me, when their boss started using the new “savvy” property management screening software for their “HANDS-OFF approach”, their evictions increased. Why? Because they ended up renting to less qualified applicants. No one was carefully monitoring the applicant’s rental application and screening process as they had in previous years. Increased evictions However, because the property management company’s "decision makers" chose the "hands off" approach, they were often unaware of the increase in evictions. After all, it really is a "hands-off" the rental application process - that’s the kind of software being sold these days. Allow me to add, the new "savvy" software truly has helped streamline the business of Property Management. The mistake being made is they are in the business of property management software development, NOT Tenant Screening. They are two completely different worlds. My recommendation My recommendation based on many years of observation is: If you want to receive your screening reports back faster, review the application for readability, accuracy, and thoroughness before you submit it for screening. If you want more accurate information on your background screening reports, do NOT use a Property Management software screening service. Choose a company that specializes in Tenant Screening.
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