MHCO Guidance During Court Closure - New Form for Rent Concession

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Over the weekend and into this week MHCO has been working with MHCO's legal counsel Phil Querin to develop guidance and appropropriate forms as we move through the COVID-19  crisis.  We have received many phone calls from concerned community owners and managers with many questions on how to proceed.  During this unprecidented crisis please keep three words in mind as you manage your communities: Compassionate, Fair, Consistent.  We are all in this together.  

MHCO has posted a memo by Phil Querin on how to handle notices while Oregon Courts are closed (See attached ABOVE). We have also drafted a new form for owners and managers to use in situations where a resident is facing hardship and cannot pay rent.  This form (PDF Format) (See Attached ABOVE) and article have been uploaded under "Community Updates" and will not be uploaded to the 'Forms' section of the web site.


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