2021 Oregon Legislative Update - Proposed Legislation

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Earlier this week the Oregon Legislature released proposed legislation for the upcoming 2021 Legislative Session.  This is our first look at what the Legislature has in mind as we head into the six month session.  Over the next two months new legislative proposals will be added to this list - some proposals will fail, some will pass, some will never get a public hearing.  This year's list is an extension of the Legislature's continued attack on housing providers.  Perennial issues such as 'local rent control', elimination of 'vacancy de-control' are back with significant majorities in the House and Senate supporting these concepts.  It is disheartening to read - and begs the question "why would anyone own rental property in Oregon?".

The first 2021 Legislative Update is attached.  We all have a lot of work in the months ahead.  MHCO will keep you informed on the issues, latest developments and how you can best help impacting this Legislative Session.

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