Helpful Tips for 55 & Older Community Owners

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There are many considerations taken into account by Insurance companies when looking into insuring a Mobile Home Park.

The following are just some of the factors:

- Type of Park:
Are you family friendly, 55 & older, Seasonal, or possibly a combination?

- Management:
Is your park managed by a management company? Do you have an onsite manager? Does the owner visit the park often?

- Rental Units:
Does your park have rental units? Do you require renters to carry renters insurance? Are the rental units inspected inside and out at least annually?

- Utilities:
Is your park on city sewer and water? If on a well, how often is the water tested? Is it tested by an outside independent company? How often is trash disposed of?

- Recreational Facilities:
Playground? Horseshoe pits? Tennis courts? Basketball courts? Weight room or exercise equipment?

- Exposure to water:
Do you have a pool? Does it have a slide or diving board? Is the pool area completely fenced? Are the rules and regulations clearly posted? Are depths marked? Is there safety equipment available? Is there a Jacuzzi or hot tub?

Is there any other exposure to water? (lake, pond, river, etc.)

- Security
Is there a gate at the entrance to your park? Are there security patrols from an outside agency? Are any park activities open to the public?

- Streets:
Are the streets paved? Are there any pot holes, depressions, or major cracks? Do you have speed humps? Are they painted? Is a speed limit posted? Do you have street lights?

- Tree exposure:
Does your park have an exposure to large trees? Are they pruned regularly?

Finally, the two most important factors Insurance companies consider when insuring a Mobile Home Park...

How many spaces?
Gross annual revenue?

Feel free to contact me if anything you have read in this article creates a question for you.

Todd Montgomery
511 Center Street
Oregon City, OR 97045
(503) 768 - 9706

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