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Bill Miner Article: Publication of Submeter or Pro Rata Bills – Tenant Inspections.

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Bill Miner

Publication of Submeter or Pro Rata Bills – Tenant Inspections. ORS 90.582 has very specific requirements for landlords who bill tenants for water using a pro rata billing method or for landlords who bill their tenants via submeter for water. 


The statute requires the landlord to post the facility’s water bills in an area accessible to tenants, which may include an “Internet location.”  If you have a community billboard, those bills should be posted monthly. If not, you should include a web address on your utility bill where a tenant may go to inspect a water bill.
Additionally, the landlord shall, upon written request by a tenant, make available for inspection by the tenant all utility billing records relating to a utility or service charge billed to the tenant by the landlord during the preceding year. The landlord shall make those records available to the tenant during normal business hours at an on-site manager’s office or at a location agreed to by the landlord and tenant. If a landlord fails to comply with this provision, a tenant may recover from the landlord the greater of one month’s rent, or twice the tenant’s actual damages, including any amount wrongfully charged to the tenant.
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