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Mark Busch RV Q&A: Landlord Christmas Story

Question: We have an RV park with quite a few long-term tenants. Our problem tenant ("Kris") has been here for for what seems like ages. This time every year around the holidays, Kris has a whole group of elves stay with him for a couple of months and they never register as guests. He claims he needs a "reasonable accommodation" for them because he has a bad back and they help him do a lot of lifting. He also brings in a herd of reindeer (Kris doesn't have a pet agreement), and he parks a red sleigh on the street (where parking isn't allowed). What can we do?

Mark Busch Q&A - RV Abandonment

Abandoned RVs

Question: A mobile home park has a separate RV section. One long-time RV resident recently moved out because of illness, but left behind his RV, which is old and in poor condition. Does the park need to file an eviction action to clear out the space for a new tenant? What can the park do with the RV itself?

Mark Busch RV Q&A: Park Models in an RV Park

Question: Our RV park is attractive and in a great location for long-term residents (i.e., for retirees on smaller budgets). While we already have a number of long-time residents in regular RVs, but we want to expand into the "park model" business to become a more attractive option for that segment of the market. Can we treat regular RVs and park models the same under the landlord-tenant laws?

Mark Busch Q&A: Stay and Pay" Court Agreements"

Question: We have a younger gentleman who has lived in the RV section of our park now for around six months. He checked out well in our application process, but now has not paid rent for two months. He says that he was laid off from his job, but is starting a new one and that his mother has agreed to help him catch up. But that was several weeks ago and still nothing. We don't necessarily want to evict him, but this obviously can't continue. Any advice?

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