Review Your Criminal Screening Criteria

If you haven't done so already, pull out your resident selection criteria and take a close look at the evaluation standards for applicants with criminal records. Depending on what it says, you may need to make some changes right away. Then review it in detail - and get help from your attorney, resident screening company, and other advisors to ensure that it complies with HUD guidelines. Richer offered some key best practices:

Phil Querin Q&A - Vetting Criminal History In The Application Process

Question: We recently had an applicant (with a criminal history) that management rejected for an RV spot we had available. The criminal background check disclosed that the applicant had a prior burglary and criminal mischief conviction in 2008. He pled guilty and was given a 20-day jail sentence, with 18 months’ probation. He accepted our rejection without argument, but upon reflection, I’m concerned whether our manager may have been too hasty in light of the recent court rulings and Department of Justice pronouncements on how we should use criminal background information when one applies for housing.  Should we have handled this any differently?

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