Non Payment of Rent

Phil Querin Article: A Cautionary Tale for Landlords When Calculating Past Due Rent – Hickey v. Scott


Holding. In late July 2022, the Oregon Supreme Court issued its ruling in Hickey v. Scott, 370 Or 97 (2022) that addressed the application of ORS 90.394(3).[1] The Court ruled that when issuing a termination notice for nonpayment of rent, the landlord must specify the “correct amount due to cure the default.” Hickey, 370 Or at 101. If the court determines that the tenant owes a lower amount than the amount specified in the notice, the court must dismiss the FED.



Phil Querin Q&A: Dealing with Unpaid Rents Today


Question:  We had a resident that we entered into a stipulated judgment agreement with on March 6, 2020.  This was prior to tenants having the ability to claim financial hardship or having the Moratorium in place. They paid 2 payments but stopped paying the terms of the agreement as well as not paying their current rent payments. Are they protected under the financial hardship provisions of the Moratorium? Are we required to send them the Declaration of Financial Hardship? Can we file an Affidavit of Non-compliance due to the resident not complying with the stipulated agreement? 



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