Fair Housing Act

Fair Housing Boot Camp: Basic Training

This month, the Coach’s lesson offers fair housing basic training for anyone newly hired to work at your community. It’s simple to say that fair housing law bans housing discrimination, but there are pitfalls that sometimes lead even seasoned professionals into fair housing trouble. This lesson reviews the basics so that everyone working at your community—regardless of his or her job—understands what’s okay—and not okay—to do or say when interacting with applicants, residents, and guests at your community.

For anyone new to the rental housing industry, fair housing basic training is a must. Fair housing experts warn against allowing new hires to interact with the public until they receive at least some fair housing instruction. “Any company or employer in this industry that doesn’t give fair housing training on Day 1 is at risk,” warns fair housing expert Anne Sadovsky. That applies to all new hires, not just those in your leasing office, says Sadovsky, who recommends mandatory fair housing training on the first day on the job for everyone—including service techs, maintenance workers, landscapers, and housekeeping staff.


Revisiting Rules and Regulations in All-Age Communities: Unenforceable Rules Trumped by Familial Status Rights

The federal Fair Housing Amendments Act (FHAA) of 1988 created a new protected class of "familial status." In California, the federal courts have addressed these requirements by ruling that "all age" communities may not discriminate against children, no more than management can discriminate against any other protected class. This article is addressed to the need for continuing concerns over rule and regulation content and enforcement. This guidance comes from a case brought against Plaza Mobile Estates, defended by this office.

Fair Housing and Developmental Disabilities

A well management community is essential to making life easier and more pleasant for management and residents. Here are 10 mistakes to avoid in the management of your community. Remember - a well managed community - good property management - results in happier residents, pride in the community, encourages resident referrals and discourages the need or desire for additional landlord-tenant legislation.

So - here are ten mistakes to avoid:

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