72-Hour Notice

Phil Querin Q&A: 72 Hour Notice and Partial Payment


Question: A resident stops by the manager's office on the 5th of the month and offers to pay $150 of the $350 of rent that is due, and promising to pay the remaining $200 by the 15thof the month. The tenant claims that the landlord mustaccept the partial payment. What are the landlord's options? Can the landlord refuse the partial payment? Where do you draw the line - say a 72 hour notice has been issued - does that change the partial payment scenario?


Mark Busch Q&A: Stay and Pay" Court Agreements"

Question: We have a younger gentleman who has lived in the RV section of our park now for around six months. He checked out well in our application process, but now has not paid rent for two months. He says that he was laid off from his job, but is starting a new one and that his mother has agreed to help him catch up. But that was several weeks ago and still nothing. We don't necessarily want to evict him, but this obviously can't continue. Any advice?

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