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Kim Berry: Filling Mobile Spaces with RV’s : The Pros and Cons


Just imagine, roaming the Western United States in your RV, not a care in the world, cheap living, and finally, settling in a MHP in Beautiful Oregon!  A dream come true for a lot of senior citizens.  Filling vacant spaces can be the most important improvement made to any Mobile Home Park and because there is a growing trend for people, especially seniors, to live in RV’s full time, park owners are filling spaces with “Permanent RV” tenants.  This certainly will fill spaces quickly and with minimal cost to the park.  Additionally, living in an RV is one of the most affordable ways to live and many of the RV’s are larger than a studio apartment.   Apparently, the new trend in apartment building is studio apartments with as little as 200 square feet!  Therefore, filling spaces with “Permanent RV’s” seems to be a win-win situation, but there are some long term fallbacks that should be considered.