Resident Relations

What We Do for You



            You do a lot for your communities’ residents. The question is: do we make a mistake by not reminding them from time to time about all of the things they would truly miss if these things went away or were even curtailed? And while it is true that most of the things we do to operate and manage our parks are for reasons like the bottom line, they for sure benefit the residents. Take rent increases, as an example. No one likes them, of course. The sting of a rent increase may be lessened if the residents realize all of the things the owners and managers do with the residents’ best interests at heart. Residents rarely think about what an inviting mobilehome park you provide and what it takes to keep it that way. And, why should they? It’s the owners’ and managers’ job to keep things running smoothly. The next time you: raise the rent, amend a rule, change a policy, reframe it in your own mind and think “what’s the benefit to the resident?”. Everyone’s favorite radio station is WIIFM (What’s In It For Me). We need to adapt our mindset a bit.



MHCO Article: Developing A Positive Relationship With Your Community Residents

In the diverse and varied lifestyles we are seeing in our manufactured housing communities today, resident relations can be a key element in helping to run a successful community.  Whether you own or manage an all-age community or a community for older persons (age 55 or over), the importance of good resident relations cannot be overestimated.