Tenant Files

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Before any tenant moves into your community the tenant's file should contain the following information:

  1. Completed Application
  2. Signed Rental Agreement. (Resident is to receive a copy)
  3. Signed Rules and Regulations (Resident is to receive a copy)
  4. Signed Statement of Policy including Rent History Addendum. (Tenant is to have received a copy of the Statement of Policy prior to signing rental agreement.)
  5. Copy of Homeowner's insurance policy with community named as an interested party (for the purpose of being notified of cancellation of insurance. (This is for pets only.)
  6. Credit check results
  7. Rental check results
  8. Criminal check results
  9. Application screening fee receipt
  10. Pet Agreement – Identify type of pet, name, size. You might consider taking a picture of the pet to include in your file in case you need to identify the pet in the future. Resident must sign the pet agreement. (Resident is to receive a copy)
  11. Proof of Age if 55 and older community (photo ID, driver's license)
  12. RV Storage Agreement. Identify type of RV (i.e. boat, camper, trailer, etc.) and include license number and description of recreational vehicle. (Resident is to receive a copy)

Any and all notices/correspondence between landlord/manager and resident