Oregon Midterm Election Results - A Bitter Pill - Worse Than Expected

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The 2018 Midterm Elections are over and the results are worse than expected.  


In the Oregon House Democrats pick up three seats defeating Republican Representatives Vial (Wilsonville), Parrish (West Linn) (who spoke at conference) and Helfrich (east Multnomah County and Hood River) giving the Democrats a 38 to 22 vote to control of the chamber - well over super majority and close to historic highs for party control.


In the Senate Republicans lost a southern Oregon seat held by an outgoing Republican.  Ballots are still being counted but it looks like the Democrats will control the Senate 18-12 and a super majority as well.    This is a swing of two  votes for rent control in the Senate given the loss of Senator Rod Monroe in the May 2018 Democratic Primary.  In 2017 we defeated rent control by one vote in the Senate.


 Governor Kate Brown (Democrat) won over Knute Buehler.


In Portland Jo Ann Hardesty won a seat (Position 3) on the Portland City Council.  She replaces a moderate on the Council and has very extreme views.  This will be a problem for us as over the next two years as her EXTREME views trickle down to Salem.  Her election pushes Portland even further left - as if that is even possible!


In short - a devastating night in Oregon for business and landlords.


MHCO will continue to monitor election results and legislative proposals as we move into the 2019 Oregon Legislative Session.  Make no mistake – we have lost pro landlord legislators in every election since 2010 – in essence we have cut through the fat, muscle and bone and after last night we are now on to cremation.  This election and the resulting super majority in both chambers with a Democratic Governor will have a profound impact on Oregon business and landlords. 

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