MHCO Legislative Update - Tentant Protection Bill (HB 4143) Passess Senate - On To Oregon Governor - 2016 Legislature Adjorns

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Last night the Oregon Senate passed HB 4143 the “Tenant Protection” bill. The bill is now on its way to Oregon Governor Kate Brown.

‘The Oregonian’ reports –

“… the 16-9 vote came late Wednesday, with several senators declaring conflicts of interest because they or their family members work as landlords. House Bill 4143, headed to Gov. Kate Brown, bans rent increases in a month-to-month tenant's first year and requires 90 days notice for increases afterward.

"It's a crisis today," said Sen. Rod Monroe, D-East Portland, a landlord whose insistence that industry and tenant groups all agree on the measure led lawmakers to strip out provisions giving 90-day notices on no-cause lease terminations.

Without his support, the bill would have died. "The good landlords can certainly live with this and can still make money," he said.

Overall this was a very good session for MHCs. HB 4143 has a very minimal impact on manufactured home communities. The legislation targets apartments not manufactured home communities. After months of media stories on the housing crisis in Portland and around the state we started the session in early February with a strong sense of dread. In the end legislators did not take the rent control bait and overall MHCs were not the target of endless hours of public testimony.

Thanks to all of you who answered the call when MHCO asked you to send targeted e-mails to your Oregon Legislator or asked you to join MHCO staff as we met with Legislators in their district. It all made a difference. We would not have had the success we enjoyed this session without your involvement thru the autumn and the dark cold days of January. Representative Brad Witt commented in the first week of session on the high quantity and quality community owner/manager e-mails. We all pulled together and got the job done.

We expect the Legislature to adjourn (Sine Die) within the next couple days. 

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