MHCO Legislative Update - 2017 Oregon Legislature Ends - House Speaker Vows To Continue Push for Rent Control

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After working through much of the 4th of July weekend and holiday legislators wrapped up their legislative business today. The last bill that MHCO opposed - HB 2004B - did not move out of the Senate. The Senate Rules Committee adopted numerous amendments none of which could get the necessary 16 votes in the Senate to pass. So - no rent control and no changes to ‘no cause’ eviction. 

These issues (rent control and 'cause eviction') will not be going away and will return in the 2018 'short' legislative session. House Speaker Kotek issued a press release earlier today stating - "We made good progress, but we need to do more to protect renters from staggering rent spikes and no- cause evictions. In 2018, we will push to finish this session’s unfinished business on housing ...". The war on Oregon landlords continues ... stay tuned!

All in all a rough legislative session but the end result should please everyone. Our success this session would not have been possible without the active engagement of MHCO members. Thanks to everyone who showed up for Lobby Day in February, sent emails, called legislators, showed up and testified at critical public hearings. Without YOUR INVOLVEMENT we would have faced a very different outcome. The quality and quantity of YOUR INVOLVEMENT made the difference. THANK YOU! 

There were changes to several landlord tenant issues such as disrepair and deterioration. MHCO Forms are currently being reviewd and updated. Phil Querin, MHCO's legal counsel, is preparing a summary of those changes and how they impact the operation of your community. We hope to have that available to MHCO members later this month. We will also be covering those changes extensively at the MHCO Annual Conference in Eugene (October 23-24) - registration will open in early August. 

If you have any questions or concerns or would like to become a member of MHCO with access to over 60 forms tailored to YOUR manufactured home community and a data base of over 200 articles specific to manufactured home communities please call the MCHO office at 503-391-4496.

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