Local Governments Consider Rent Control and Greater Regulation of Rental Property

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With the 2015 Oregon Legislative Session over, local government has taken up the campaign for greater regulation of rental property and more specifically RENT. Here are two articles from "The Oregonian" covering hearings/discussions held in the last couple days at Metro and Portland City Council: 
The 2015 Oregon Legislature considered a proposal for a Legislative Task Force on Affordable MH Home Park Living (SB 529). Late in the Legislative Session MHCO was able to defeat the proposed amendment in committee - but the issue has not gone away and is not likely to anytime in the near future. With the Legislature adjourned until February 2016 local governments - particularly the Portland area - have taken up the call for greater regulation of rent and evictions. 
MHCO is very concerned and watching these developments very closely. We have been meeting with lawmakers at all levels and will keep you advised as these issues evolve this autumn.
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