Legislative Update - Week 5 - Anti Community Owner/Business Legislation Continues

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We are now into the fifth week of the 2017 Oregon Legislative Session. 

Last week MHCO held a very successful Lobby Day on Wednesday, February 22nd. We have a great turnout – 93 attendees – who met with 76 Legislators. Thank you to everyone who made the effort to attend and visit with their Senator or State Representative. Attendees came from as far as Michigan! Face to face meetings with legislators are still important in the digital age – your efforts make a difference. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Here are some highlights of bills introduced last week or changed status since the last report: 

• HB 2008 – We mentioned this in the last report as LC 2997 It is a lengthy bill changing park sales, establishing an enforcement agency that can investigate landlord actions with up to $10,000 fines. It contains nearly every bad legislative idea that MHCO has fought against for the last 20 years. MHCO STRONGLY OPPOSES 

• HB 2009 – Advances sunset for subtraction for sale of manufactured dwelling park to certain entities. Creates personal income tax credit for sale of park. Provides that calculation of credit for taxes paid to other state allowed to nonresident taxpayer or allowed to estate treated as resident of another state occurs before allowance of credit for sale of park. MHCO is currently has no position – waiting to see what the Legislature wants in return. 

• HB 2990 - Increases time period during which tenants of manufactured dwelling park must identify or form tenants committee for purpose of purchasing park from 10 days to 60 days. Provides tenants committee with 15-day right of first refusal for offer or agreement to purchase park. MHCO Opposes. 

• HB 2165 -Requires building official to inspect small home for compliance with recreational vehicle program standards if home is not intended for use as residence or is not permanently sited. Requires building official to inspect small home intended as residence and permanently sited for compliance with Low-Rise Residential Dwelling Code. MHCO testified against and has been sent back to legislative counsel. 


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