Legislative Update: Tenant Protection and Inclusionary Zoning Move Forward

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Since the last “MHCO Legislative Update” last week there has been significant progress in moving the “inclusionary zoning” bill (SB 1533) and the “tenant protection” bill (HB 4143).  


No hostile amendments have been added to either bill.  At one point the Port of Portland objected to HB 4143 - turns out they have some RV property - but the amendment we had already added in committee sufficed and the bill moved forward.  


Both of these bills as well as two land use/housing affordability are moving forward as well.  We are in very good shape - somewhat remarkable given the of the media last autumn.  This is the last full week of the 2016 Oregon Legislative Session.


Here are two articles from the “Oregonian” that might be of interest.  Remember - the “tenant protection” bill and “inclusionary zoning” do not have an impact on MHC’s.





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