Documents Provided To Prospective Residents

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When the prospective resident returns a complete and accurate written rental application, you should provide the applicant the following:

  • A copy of the rules and regulations (if not provided earlier)
  • Rental agreement form
  • Statement of policy (if not provided earlier)
  • Rent history of the space
  • Criminal check authorization
  • Resident applicant screening fee should be acquired prior to accepting the individual as a resident. "Application Screening Fee and Receipt" form is to be signed by a manager when applicant's fees are accepted.
  • The landlord must give written notice of what the tenant screening or consumer credit report entails, the landlord's charge for the screening, and the applicant's right to dispute the screening service or credit reporting agency's information if the application is denied based on the credit report.
  • Minimum Criteria Standards

At this point the above documents are to be provided to the prospective applicant. However, only the application, the criminal check authorization and the applicant screening fee notice and receipt should be signed by the tenant. The other documents are not to be signed until the application and background checks are completed and the applicant is approved. The additional documents that are provided when the applicant returns the rental application are provided to the prospective tenant for their information so that they may be aware of the facts and make the housing choice that is right for them.