Acceptance Briefing

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Once you have determined that an individual is qualified to live in the community and all the proper documentation has been explained and signed, you should consider a meeting with the new resident. Use the Park Rules & Regulations as a briefing tool. The conversation should not be a "laying down of the law", but rather an open discussion of what is expected of both the new resident and community management. New residents may not know their responsibilities (despite signing numerous documents outlining their rights/responsibilities), thus it is your responsibility to clarify and remind them of their responsibilities. Be sure your new resident understands such things as:

  1. Rent is due on the first of each month:
    1. If rent is paid after the 5th day, the residents will be faced with a late fee.
    2. If not paid by the 8th day, the resident will receive a 72-hour notice.
    3. Residents must give 30 days written notice to vacate space or they intend to sell their manufactured home.
  2. Help your new resident be a good neighbor. Be sure that he/she is informed about:
    1. Quiet hours
    2. Pet Control
    3. Laundry room/Recreation room hours
    4. Swimming pool hours
    5. Review Rules and Regulation and remind the new resident that they are strictly enforced.