Manufactured Structures Dealer's License Facts

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November 16, 2015
Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services

Do I need a license to sell manufactured homes?

Yes. Individuals or entities that sell a manufactured home on behalf of another person have always required a license.


If I am a licensed real estate agent, can I sell manufactured homes?

In some cases, real estate brokers will need an MSD license. If a manufactured structure is sold separate from the sale of the land, this is considered a personal property transaction and requires an MSD license. The sale of a manufactured structure and land in a single transaction is a real estate transaction and requires a real estate license (but not an MSD license).

I sell Park Model structures. Do I need a DFCS dealer's license to sell these structures?

Yes. Except for person-to-person sales, any individual or entity engaged in selling manufactured homes is required to get a license. If you are a park owner and you sell less than 10 manufactured homes in a year, you may apply for a limited license. You can apply for either license online at Enterprise/

What is the purpose of a limited dealer's license?

The limited license allows a park owner to sell up to ten homes per year within the licensee's park without having to obtain a full dealer license. ORS 446.706

What are the bonding requirements for a manufactured structures dealer?

A bond or letter of credit is required before a license is issued. The bond must be submitted with your application on a Division of Finance and Corporate Securities surety bond form (Form 440-2966) .

How do I apply for a manufactured structures dealer license?

To apply for a regular or a limited license, submit a completed application form to the Division of Finance and Corporate Securities. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the department's online licensing system - License 2000/My License. This system provides licensees a robust set of tools to apply for, renew, update, or check license status via the web. More information can be found online at Enterprise/.

How do I make changes to my manufactured structures dealer license?

If dealers need to change the street address, mailing address, or the DBA or ABN on their license, a correction to the license must be submitted and a $30 fee applies. Please note, the legal name on the license cannot be changed, only the DBA or ABN.

As a dealership, if I want to open another sales center, do I need another license?

Dealer licenses are good for one location only. If a dealer has, or intends to open, a branch office at a different location under the same business name and license, the dealer must apply for a supplemental license.

Does a dealer need a trip permit to move a new home between dealer inventory lots?

No. New homes identified as dealer inventory may be moved between a dealer's inventory lots provided the dealer has obtained a supplemental dealer license for the lots in question. Please note that a trip permit is required whenever a used home is moved from one site or dealer location to another.

As a dealer, am I subject to taxation on a home I have installed as a spec home?

If you have a supplemental license for the home's location, the home is considered inventory.
See ORS 446.576

How should a dealer handle a spec home that is placed in a manufactured home park?

The statute makes provisions for a dealer to license a park as a dealer site from which the home can be sold. In essence, this means that the initial placement of a spec home on a lot in a park, before it has actually been sold, would be viewed as movement from a dealer lot to a dealer lot.

Can an Escrow Agent complete the sales transaction of a manufactured structure on behalf of my dealership?

Yes, provided the conditions specified in ORS 446.591 are met.

Who should I contact if I have any questions about dealer licensing?

Licensing Staff (503) 378-4140

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