Bill Miner RV Q&A

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July 26, 2013
Bill Miner
Davis Wright and Tremaine

Question: My RV tenant doesn’t receive mail, how do I serve him with notices?

Answer: Oregon landlord tenant law allows service of notices three ways: first class mail, personal delivery and “nail and mail.” ORS 90.155.

We always advise our clients to deliver notices by first class mail. Not certified, not UPS, not FedEx, but good old fashioned first class mail with a stamp. They still make those. You can always get a certificate of mailing showing that you sent the notice on the day you say you did.

First class mail is not always an option; therefore, you can serve personally. When we say “personal delivery” it does not mean taping the notice to the door, or placing it under a windshield wiper (I’ve seen both cases), it means physically handing it to the person you are trying to give the notice to. Make a note of the time you sent it and if you can, bring a witness.

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